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Oliu powered by ATB VenturesMar 13, 2024 3:30:06 PM1 min read

The Evolution of Digital Trust in Canada

The digital era has shifted our entire lives online. And while it’s given us a life of ease and efficiency, it’s also made our personal identity and data wildly vulnerable to theft and fraud. There has never been a more urgent need for secure and scalable identity verification solution.


85% of companies

85% of companies are victims of identity-related fraud each year
66% of Canadians 66% of Canadians believe it is important to have a secure and trusted identity to transact safely online


The opportunity: creating Canada's digital trust ecosystem

Our identity makes us who we are. As unique as a fingerprint, identity is key to every interaction both online and offline. But in the digital age, proving and protecting our identity is becoming harder and harder with the advent of more and more cyber crime. Businesses must prioritize safeguarding an individual's control over their personal information, while providing streamlined customer experiences in order to stay relevant in a competitive marketplace. 

Identity verification rooted in security, trust, and convenience is the key to drive economic growth and innovation across Canada. The emergence of this technology will benefit everyone - citizens, businesses, & government alike.

Oliu's infographic "Trust & the Evolution of Digital Identity in Canada" dives into Canada’s current state of digital maturity at both the provincial and federal levels, and provides some staggering statistics to consider: 

  1. Canadian privacy laws offer weaker protection than other leading countries, exposing the 32.1 million Canadians with paper-based IDs to increasing risk.
  2. 66% of Canadians believe it is important to have a secure and trusted digital identity to transact safely online.
  3. 8/10 Canadians support digital IDs.

At Oliu, we’re delivering an innovative digital trust solution, to empower individuals to own and control their own identities while enabling businesses to provide unparalleled convenience and efficiency online.

Ready to learn more?

Check out our infographic to explore the current state of digital trust in Canada, and get a sense of what it could look and feel like to live in a future where everyone owns their own identity.

Oliu powered by ATB Ventures

Oliu™ is a digital trust platform that makes it easy for businesses to issue, manage and verify digital credentials. Built on open (W3C) standards, it offers real-time layered identity verification, privacy and control over personal identity data, and protection against fraud and identity theft - all while enabling fast, efficient, and secure customer experiences. Oliu™ is the first Canadian company to achieve the PCTF certification through DIACC.